PayPal, vs EMT, for my Canadian friends.

This question is periodically asked on the forums and there is a very important distinction between PayPal and EMT. I discuss PayPal at length in my post about Paying with PayPal: Goods or Gift?. For sellers, EMT is not risky. It’s like someone putting money in your account without having to send them anything first. There is zero recourse if you don’t send the item except that you might get removed from the group in which you arranged the sale. So, you should definitely save the post office receipt in order to prove to any group admins that the item was sent, should the post office lose it, or if it is stolen (etc.). I write about different Facebook groups to join in my post about How To Enter the Lululemon Market. As a seller it makes sense to use EMT as there are also no PayPal fees, and although it’s customary for buyers to add PayPal fees to their purchase, it still makes the item cheaper for the buyer if they don’t want to pay fees, but they could also pay as gift on PayPal and have the same level of protection (none). As a Buyer, EMT is very risky. Personally, I use EMT in two circumstances: 1: the item is very inexpensive ($20 or less) and the seller has requested that I pay with EMT. Otherwise, I might pay as gift on PayPal. 2: I trust the seller, who has been a long-standing member of the Lulu community and who I know would not risk her reputation for my money. I have EMT’d money a total of two times. I can imagine that by now, you can see where I’m going with this and that is that I overwhelmingly do not recommend EMT to buyers. It’s actually worse than paying as Gift on PayPal because there’s a chance that you can beg PayPal to refund you OR if you paid by credit card through PayPal you can ask your credit card to repay you. With EMT, it’s like paying in cash, then waiting for someone to go back home and get the item to you, while you wait.

I hope that this is informative to people, and I think that many of the scams that don’t involve counterfeit items have in some way been linked to EMT payments. So, I hope that this post helps people better understand their level of protection with EMT and to avoid scammers.

My First 5K!

No, really. I did one. It was hokey and gimmicky and kind of tacky, but I did it anyway. And even though I’m fighting off a cold, I had a lot of fun. I ran it in a time of… oh, wait- I’m super not skilled & also: I’m pretty slow, so, don’t laugh when I say 50 minutes. I know that’s not a good time, but I don’t really care- I had a great time with my friends. Except the part where nobody (including the organizers) told me that there would be “off path” parts and I was wearing my Vibrams and they were new, and they got all muddy :( If I would have known I would have worn my trail runners. I actually probably shouldn’t have gone due to my cold, but the race organizers had a “take no prisoners!” and “give no refunds!” attitude. And I’m not about to waste $50, so I went and tried my best and I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that my lungs are still securely in place in my chest. Well, I guess you figured out that I survived, since I’m writing this right now!

I definitely see more 5Ks in my future, it really wasn’t too hard, and 50 minutes gives me a lot to work towards. I hope to shave off at least 15 minutes in the future. I think 35 is a good time for someone who isn’t super competitive… or fit. At least, that’s what I, who knows almost nothing about running thinks. What do you think is a good time? What should I work towards?

How to Determine the Value of Your Item- Part 3- Colors

I’ve written a main post about how to determine the value of your item & I’ve written another post on the same subject except regarding different fabrics. I would like to continue this train of thought, except regarding different colorways. It’s quite a phenomenon that some Lululemon items sell well on the aftermarket for retail or less in one color, but way over retail in another color. For example, most Gratitude Wraps are selling for between $130 and $200, but Stitch (color name) gratitude wraps are selling for an astounding $400! Here is one example of a competed listing:

This Gratitude Wrap sold for $450 on eBay.

This Gratitude Wrap sold for $450 on eBay.

So, there’s just one example of how an item can sell for a decent amount in one color, but for an astounding amount in another color.

So, lets explore other, similar examples. In a previous post I talked about a March We Are From Space Scuba hoodie that was absolutely gorgeous. Typically, I see it sell for somewhere around $150, but I’ve also seen it listed for as low as $120. However, MANY other Scuba hoodies sell for less than half that (depending on the condition), so once again, we see an example where an item, simply due to the colour, sells for a considerably higher price than retail. In general, Scubas sell for around $60, depending on condition of course, but for some reason I have noticed that people have difficulty selling them. My theory is that the shipping cost is so high (especially in Canada) that it would be almost unreasonable to sell them for less than $70- including shipping (meaning you get only about half of retail value ($50) for yourself), but most people (including myself) don’t like to pay much for used Scubas (unless they’re rare or amazing), so they remain unsold, as people would rather keep an item in their closet than absorb a significant loss. The reason I don’t like to pay much for Scubas is because, for me, a lot of their appeal comes from the cozy, soft interior and that diminishes after just a few washes, so for me, it’s not worth it to buy them used. It’s hard to find a Scuba in EUC for sale- at a reasonable price. However, to my point: there are special, unique colors in a lot of things Lululemon has made that make it more valuable.

Sea Wheeze Items

In my personal opinion, Sea Wheeze items are way over priced. But they are genuinely quite rare, so once they hit eBay, they get marked up significantly. They are your traditional items, CRBs, Speed shorts, Scuba Hoodies (etc), but they come in Sea Wheeze colors with a special Sea Wheeze insignia on them. Some of the stuff is cute, but a CRB is not worth $100 to me, no matter how cute it is.

This CRB from Sea Wheeze is selling on eBay for around $100.

This CRB from Sea Wheeze is selling on eBay for around $100.

I think that I will likely add more examples of colors that fetch higher prices in the future, but for now, I’ll leave it at this and remind you that before you sell your item it is really important to know what color it is, this way you can research the market value of your item. If you don’t know what color your item is I have a few pointers listed in previous posts and discuss it specifically here. Once you know what your item is, you’ll know what market value is and be able to fairly (for yourself and your buyers) price your item.

Happy Selling!

Kenny Does Yoga, Shares Activewear Styles


This is my first ‘re-blogging.’ The original post is a Cleveland Fox News station’s ‘yoga’ video (advertisement for Lululemon and not real news- but that’s not what I take issue with), and in it, the ‘educator’ (Jenny) named both women’s jackets incorrectly. I wrote a comment, but it has not yet posted to the site.

My comment is still ‘awaiting moderation’ so, I will simply reblog this- with my thoughts attached. This is the comment I made:

“Unfortunately, Jenny is incorrect. I don’t understand why the educator would have mislabeled the products the way she did. However, “Di,” the first woman is wearing a “Nice Asana Jacket” (I believe it is in ‘Cadet Blue’), not an In Stride jacket. Lululemon has ceased production on the In Stride (and the Stride) jackets. Although, there was recently a vote held to bring them back into production. The second woman is not wearing a “Define” jacket, she is wearing a Forme Jacket. The two jackets being worn can be found here: AND HERE I hope that a correction is made in the future.”

In addition to the correction, I also hope that my comment is posted.

Originally posted on

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Kenny Crumpton shares some activewear styles and does a little bit of yoga while he’s at it!

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Hooray! The Fast Track Short has Returned!!!! And Fit Review.

As you’ll recall, (or maybe you won’t ;) LOL!) I wrote about the Fast Track shorts in my Last Post of Last Year, and I loved them. I know that they didn’t get a lot of love, and they even went to Mark Down last year, but I really liked them. I paid full price for one pair and got another pair on sale. I loved them but most people complained that they a) rode up and b) they were too compressive and pretty much everyone (including myself) had to size up. So far this year, people are saying that they stayed true to size and that they don’t ride up, so perhaps they’ve re-worked the design, as this time around we’re purchasing Fast Track Shorts “2.” I know all the “Camo” ones sold out, but I knew that would happen. I don’t much care for Camo- but I’m going to wait & see if the other ones go one sale so I can grab another pair. If some of the other colour’s sizes sell out- I’ll bite the bullet and pay full price. But if I can save 30%, why not wait it out. It’s still freezing where I am, so it’s not like I’ll get to enjoy then any time soon. If (or rather when) I do buy another pair, I’ll post an update & do an comparison review between this year’s and last year’s model.


Here they are! Lululemon Fast Track Shorts ii in  black / angel blue / lullaby

Here they are! Lululemon Fast Track Shorts ii in black / angel blue / lullaby



Officially caved! I was hoping to wait for these to go to markdown, but I just ordered this pair… I was going to wait for the sale, but size 4 sold out, they’re actually getting good reviews this time, and there are only two colors, and one is black. So, I figured I’d better jump on these before my size is sold out in them as well, because I won’t buy plain black ones. It’s only been a couple of weeks since these were released but the weather is finally starting to warm up & I might be able to use these babies sooner than I thought! I’ll update with a fit review once they arrive!

UPDATE: I got them in & I prefer this year’s version to last year’s version and am wishing they made them in more colors! The fit is exactly the same and I still feel like these are a “bra” for my butt. The only difference is last year’s version had a 4-inch inseam, and this year’s version have a 5-inch inseam. This change made them even more awesome somehow!

UPDATE: UPLOAD!!! (April 14, 2014) My wish came true! They came out with another colour in the Fast Track shorts this upload!

Fast Track Shorts in Soot/ Pow Pink Light/ Pretty Purple

Fast Track Shorts in Soot/ Pow Pink Light/ Pretty Purple

So Pretty! They will be mine! *cue evil laugh*







Weight loss, day to day


I just want to keep updating and holding myself accountable, that’s sure to keep me motivated, right!? Of course, as you know I’m still trying to lose some weight I gained after I got married. It’s not easy, but is anything worth accomplishing ever easy? Anyways, I’ve heard that successful weight-losers weigh themselves EVERY DAY, so I’ve taken up the tradition. The only problem is now I have TWO scales in my house and they both tell me different things! I have the mean, old scale in the bathroom, and I have my new Escali in the rec room. My mean old scale is always telling me I weigh about 1.2 pounds MORE than my new Escali. My new Escali is the nice scale. If I’m feeling badly about eating some chocolate or cookies, I’ll go step on her & she is always so reassuring, saying, ‘look, it’s not so bad.’ While my mean, old bathroom scale tells me to go back to the gym. Hmmmmmm…. Maybe this is just the kind of balance I need… Anyways, does anyone else have this issue? Also: Did you know that you weigh slightly less at the poles than near the Equator? (Not much less, I’ve looked into it & it wasn’t worth it for me to move) Anywho- I’m still losing, but it’s SLOW-GOING. Is anyone else still doing this for their New Year’s resolution? I feel like people gave up like 2 months ago! LOL!

PS: I know that this is supposed to be a Lululemon blog & I haven’t been posting much lately about Lulu. I just don’t love Camo (in fact, it’s very safe to say I dislike it) & the print Wunder Unders in Beachscape & Milky Way are made of that denim Luon that I don’t really like the feel of, so I guess I haven’t been interested lately. The last thing I bought was the 105 Singlet in Surge, and before that a pair of Wunder Unders in Vintage Pink Space Dye.

New Year’s Resolutions Update!

I just wanted to post a quick update on my New Year’s Resolutions. First: My skin care resolution. Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve got myself a good routine going, but oh dear has my skin gone from way too oily to a little too dry. This in my opinion is like taking two steps forward and one step back. Nobody wants dry skin. And even though I’m experiencing less oiliness, I still have the same amount of acne. Mostly in the form of blackheads. Very dissatisfied with all the effort and various “acne” products I’m using in that regard. Second: Weight loss. I know a lot of people try to lose weight as their New Year’s Resolution, and I’m no different. I did lose 8 pounds, but I went on vacation recently and regained 4 of it over 10 days. I’m actually not that disappointed, because the way I see it I still lost 4 pounds and I’m back on my diet now that I’m home and I hope that I’ll start losing again soon. Also: I bought a new scale: It’s an Escali! You can get one here, if you want, they’re also available at target for less, but I got mine through Groupon for $30! I just got it today, so I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll update this post later with a review of it.

So, overall, I guess I’ve taken two steps forward and one step back on both of my resolutions, (and if you do the math on the weight loss, it actually works out that way). I’ll update in a couple of months. I’ll continue to try new products and keep chugging along with the weight loss, I suppose.

Time Out for the 105 F Singlet

Hello! I know that every new product seems to be my fave lately, but I absolutely love my new 105 F Singlet!  I think they’re going to be perfect for summer. I got a few for myself recently & I hope they come out with even more colors! I love that they’re made of Seriously Light Luon, that they have Silverescent in them & the scalloped edge is a really nice detail. I think all hot yoga tops should be made with Silverescent, it gets stinky in hot yoga. The only thing I don’t love is the price, they’re $52 when they should be $40-ish. But they’re selling out online in the more popular sizes, so the only ones making it to markdown are size 10s. I do suggest sizing down, in terms of fit- they’re very loose. I like them that way, so I stayed TTS. I also love how they cover my bum, so that I can feel comfortable wearing them with Wunder Unders over a CRB. They’re really soft and feminine. I can’t wait to buy more!

These ones are mine, so far. Zing Pink Light, Baroque BLue, Lavender & Black.

These ones are mine, so far. Zing Pink Light, Baroque Blue, Lavender & Black.

This is one in Paris Perfection, Lululemon is sold out in my size, but I already have Zing Pink, so I guess that's ok. ;)

This is one in Paris Perfection, Lululemon is sold out in my size, but I already have Zing Pink, so I guess that’s ok. ;)

Update: Added Surge to the collection. She’s a beauty!

Don’t Be A Unicorn Thief- UPDATE!

Today Lululemon changed their resale policy to reflect the values of their customers. I am very pleased to announce that they’ve included a clause that covers the very real issue of Unicorn thieves. Their resale policy does not affect people like you & I who sell our used Lulu so we can buy more, but it specifically targets those who buy and sell newly released products at a mark up. I am ecstatic that Lululemon has finally recognized that the resale value of their clothing affects their sales in general. And that protecting the small re-sellers, while punishing the large scale profiteers is in the best interest of both the company and the customer. I’m always prepared to spend more on Lululemon because I’m aware that if I lose weight or lose interest in an item, I can always resell it and replace it with a new pretty. Lululemon’s Frequently Asked Questions document has been updated thusly:


what is your position on the re-selling of product?

We do not support the re-sale of new product, especially if it is at an elevated price point. Sometimes re-sellers also include used product in their inventory, however our focus is on new product re-sales, especially items listed at an elevated price point.

Our position on re-selling is in response to guest feedback when they see well-loved product being bought out immediately, and re-sold at an elevated price point.  In addition, we always want to create the best experience for our guest, which includes educating them on the items they are purchasing to ensure they have the best product for their sweaty pursuit.  Bottom line, if it doesn’t come from us, we can’t educate, we don’t know the history of the garment, and we can’t guarantee its’ authenticity.”

So happy to see change moving in the right direction. Thanks Lululemon!

New Year’s Resolution #2

I am not alone. I know this. Many millions of people will attempt to lose weight this year. Eighty-five percent of them will fail. Or so I’ve heard. How do I make it so that I’m not one of them? The short answer is: I don’t know. I do however, know that I will try. It’s going to be hard for me to balance my life such that I can make time for fitness, but I have some ideas. Some of them are high tech, some of them are old fashioned. Let’s begin, shall we?

First, I know that the title of this post is “New Year’s Resolution #2,” that’s intentional. I’ve actually already started on my weight loss journey, and I wanted to have some ground covered before sharing this with y’all to prove to myself that I was at least committed enough to lose a few pounds. So far I’ve lost 5 pounds. In a month, I think that’s OK. Not amazing or anything, I don’t deserve an award, but I’ve been eating conscientiously for the past while and trying to get in a few days at the gym here and there. Now it’s February & I’m hoping to at least continue down the path I’ve forged. I’ve got 20 more pounds to lose before I reach my goal weight.

For Christmas, I got a FitBit. I really wanted the Flex, which is the one I have, because I’m girly & it comes in pink. But also, I saw no extra value in the Force because to my eye the only difference is that it tracks altitude & where I live is pretty flat and I never run up and down stairs or bleachers for exercise. Did I mention that the Force doesn’t come in pink? So, I’ve started using that. I added a few friends, and I try to compete against them for motivation and I also joined some online support groups. Most of all I enjoy the positive reinforcement when I reach my goal of 10,000 steps. I usually get them everyday except Sundays. Sundays are lazy days for me.

The other thing I’ve been using is MyFitnessPal to track what I eat. I have it synced up with my FitBit and it helps me because in my opinion if you’re not tracking your calories, you really have no idea what you’re putting in your mouth. I once saw this quote” You can’t outrun your fork,” and I know how true it is. So, I keep track of everything I eat in MyFitnessPal and that tells me if I can have dessert or not. Usually not.

I also love my yoga, as always, and I have been trying to make it out there more often, but I recently got back in to running & hope to keep that up, especially as the weather improves. I think running on a treadmill is boring, but if it’s the only option, I guess it’s better than carrying 20 extra pounds.

Finally, I want to mention that I know that 20 pounds isn’t a lot, but I hope that people can see that we’re all in this together and while some people’s weight loss journeys may be longer or shorter, we can all lean on & learn from each other in order to lead happier & healthier lives.

How’s your weight loss journey coming along? What do you do to keep fitness interesting? I’d love to know in the comments below!



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